When creating a digital press release, it is your major concern whether your PR is able to engage your target readers and that it was able to effectively communicate your message clearly using digital marketing tools. Technology is indeed advancing well and every communication process and strategy that is being used in the field of press release needs to advance as well which includes adopting the use of digital technology for better communication. The current trend today in the digital marketing field is combining different approaches from the traditional and the modern way of press release communication through the social media and directly communicating to your target audience. Using the digital press release can reap you good results if you can keep in mind these 12 things that you can and cannot do with digital press releases.

1. Do answer the 5 W’s
Your digital press release becomes more effective whenever it can answer these 5 W’s: who, what, where, when and why. Providing the vital information that can answer these 5 W’s will give you a more comprehensive message to convey to your target readers without leaving any loopholes and questions that they will keep on pondering on. [More]