The pagerank checker updated

clock August 23, 2012 09:48 by author WebIQ |
I finally got the time to update the checker so that it again checks indexed pages on both Google and Bing and of course also the number of backlinks. [More]

June has been a busy month - pagerank update and design update

clock May 29, 2012 13:08 by author WebIQ |
June has without any doubt been a busy month for Google and WebIQ:!!

Google has updated the pagerank, but more important they have also updated the search algorithm causing a lot of websites being removed from the index or sent down from the top 5 spots. They did this in order to remove no relevant websites and spam sites, that is in itself a good think bur unfortunately they also hit several good websites from the index. [More]

Update to the pagerank checker, with new features

clock November 26, 2011 19:27 by author WebIQ |
Well it was yet again time for a new update to the webmaster tool, so that you can get more info about your website.
The Yahoo check has been stopped, because Bing and Yahooo will give you the same stats due to their merge. So there is no reason to use time andn energy on that anymore.
But instead I've added Twitter counts, Facebook shares and backlinks stats from Alexa. [More]

New updates on the last 20 list and top 50 checks

clock September 21, 2011 16:59 by author WebIQ |
Yet another update on WebIQ's pagerank checker and top 50 pagerank checks. The plan with the top 50 is to give smaller websites and blogs a chance to get a free backlink. [More]