Well this update was way overdue, but better late than never.! ;)

The pagerank checker
I´ve updated the pagerank checker with Alexa rank, so that you also get your ranking on that also.
But I´ve also updated the top 20 list with a seo title on the links for better seo.

Lists with link directories and article databases
These pages is also updated, I have removed the websites with pagerank 0 from both lists. But they are not removed from the system, they will still be updated with the number of indexed pages and their pagerank. So unless they have a pagerank 1 or higher, they will not be featured on the list.
If you want a copy of the complete lists just email me og write here on the blog.!

The simple reason it that the list with English websites has a pagrank 3, but the Danish list is still a pagerank 0

The top 50 list
Instead of the all time top 50 checks, it now shows the top 50 checks with the latest checks. This means that if a websites hasn´t been check for a month, then it´s of the list.

Partner links
If your website is a pagerank 3 or higher, we can exchange links. Your link will be on all pages, including the blog so the more posts the larger number of backlinks will you get. The backlink to WebIQ has to be placed in the same way.!
If you don´t have a pagerank 3 og higher website, then you can use the payment option. For 15$ a month you will get you link on the list.

Enjoy the new features, and let me know if you have an idea for something new