We got the first Google pagerank update today on the 6th February, a couple of days later then most had predicted.
Many webmaster has feared this update, because of the algorithm and panda updates in december where many sites was downgraded.
Where they lost their top positions on the search results.

But as far as I can tell at this point in time, the updates didn't affect the websites pagerank. On the other hand that might come at a later date, I will of course keep the blog updated with any news I might hear.

The lists with link directories and article databases are of course also updated with the new pageranks, which also means that a couple of them are now of the list. Due to their ranking rose from 0 to 1 or more and of course if their ranking went down to 0, so check the list out and see if you can use some of the new ones.

What about your website, how did it do.??

If you have an idea about what could be nice to check also, plz do let me know and I'll update the checker.!