When creating a digital press release, it is your major concern whether your PR is able to engage your target readers and that it was able to effectively communicate your message clearly using digital marketing tools. Technology is indeed advancing well and every communication process and strategy that is being used in the field of press release needs to advance as well which includes adopting the use of digital technology for better communication. The current trend today in the digital marketing field is combining different approaches from the traditional and the modern way of press release communication through the social media and directly communicating to your target audience. Using the digital press release can reap you good results if you can keep in mind these 12 things that you can and cannot do with digital press releases.

1. Do answer the 5 W’s
Your digital press release becomes more effective whenever it can answer these 5 W’s: who, what, where, when and why. Providing the vital information that can answer these 5 W’s will give you a more comprehensive message to convey to your target readers without leaving any loopholes and questions that they will keep on pondering on.

2. Use different mediums for your digital press release
According to PR Newswire, press releases that use different media to convey their message such as videos, photos, and infographics are likely shared 3.5 more as compared to textual press releases.

3. Engage into a social media digital press release marketing
Social media has become a valuable venue for promoting your business and dispensing from using it in your press release marketing is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Distribute your digital press release materials throughout the popular social media networks such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram and LinkedIn where you can reach millions of users in a day.

4. Do send out news that is worth to talk about
No matter how long you spent your time designing your digital press release material, it will remain worthless to your readers when the content is not worth to talk about. If you aim to make your press release worth talking about and sharing with others, you need to write a killer content that will hook your readers right away. Amazingly, the digital press release that is too plain in design yet provides an interesting message worth bragging about actually gets more shares especially in the social media community.

5. Keep the headline between 60 and 80 characters
It is ideal to observe limits on the number of characters to use in your digital press release. Less than 60 characters can be too short while more than 80 characters can be too long. Keeping within this character number limit will make your digital press release headline more presentable. The space between words should be included within this range.

6. Don’t simply concentrate on digital press release marketing
While the digital press release marketing can yield productive results, do not simply neglect other forms of marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business. Calling potential clients, promoting your business by word of mouth and face to face interaction are just as valuable as a digital press release. Combining this more personalized approach in your marketing strategies with digital PR will produce a better result.

7. Don’t trash your competitors
You can impress your target audience by creating a worthwhile press release heading. Providing them the information that can make your products and service valuable to them is one however it is another story when you create a digital press release that is designed to bash your competitors to your potential customers. This is a big NO when creating a digital press release. Do not attempt to trash out your competitors in your digital PR as it will leave a negative impression to your target customers and will hurt your business reputation.

8. Don’t forget about reputation management
When creating your digital press release, keeping your authority and reputation in place can affect how your target audience perceives your business. Promoting your business using digital press release is not merely about creating attractive designs and enticing headlines. It is also about managing your reputation and authority in your business industry. Be professional about the language you use and do not use profane language that can turn off your readers.

9. Do not cease to discover a new creative approach in your digital PR
A common mistake is when everything seems to be working well and you have become complacent. Do not stop searching for new things and always try to discover a different creative approach in designing your digital press releases.

10. Do not be afraid to embrace change
Always be in action for searching about the latest trend in digital PR approach and learn how you can establish a better way of improving your digital press release approach. The digital PR market is always fluid and you will find soon enough that there are new approaches that you need to embrace.

11. Do not spin or re-distribute your digital PR
Your press release should always provide something fresh to your target customers. While spinning or re-distributing your digital PR seems quite tempting, do not allow yourself to be trapped from this dangerous strategy that can hurt your reputation and authority within your business industry.

12. Do not make your PR exclusive
Every digital press release should possess a share-ability feature. It is quite frustrating to receive a digital PR worth sharing with others but there is no easy way of doing it. Do not deprive your digital PR with some share-ability features that will make sharing easy such as adding a Facebook Like button.


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